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I’ve discovered a fantastic new way to win a lot of many playing online roulette. This system is so powerful that even the most unlucky of players will start to turn a profit. Gambling is a game of probability. However, this is not necessarily always a bad thing. By using probability to your advantage, you will certainly improve your odds of winning, often very dramatically.The System – A Basic SummaryIn Roulette, it is not uncommon for red or black to appear five or more times in a row. However, if you wait for red or black to appear five or more times in a row, you could be waiting for a very long time. Therefore, in order to maximize your wins, and not waste your time, you should be on the lookout for more than one pattern to start appearing. In order to maximum your profits, you must maximize the use of your time.Patterns To Bet OnRed/BlackIf red or black appear six times in a row, then its time to start betting on the opposite colour. Double the bets every time you lose, for a maximum of four losses. By limiting the amount of times you double for losses, you are ensuring that any losses will not be too damaging. In the long run, you should win a lot more times than you lose with this system, because a pattern of more than ten in a row is extremely rare!Odd/EvenIf odd or even appear six times in a row, then its time to start betting on the opposite bet. As in the above example, double the bets for a maximum of four losses.0-18/19-36If 0-18 or 19-36 appear six times in a row, start betting on the opposite result appearing.Putting It All TogetherThe problem with waiting for red/black to appear six times in a row is that it often takes a long time. In order to maximize your time, and profits, I recommend waiting for more than one pattern to appear. I highly recommend fishing for the above three patterns appearing multiple times. By waiting for three patterns as opposed to just one, you are tripling your profits, as well as tripling your progress.You should win a lot more times than you lose if you follow this quality tested system. Patterns rarely occur more than ten times in a row. Most gamblers will bet on any random result appearing. Following this system will put you light years ahead of the average gambler, even on your worst day.

Wooden Board Games – Top 3 Best Sellers

The three best sellers according to records reported by a section of the online business community were1. Shove Halfpenny.Shove halfpenny is a wooden board game that has been a popular pastime for centuries. In medieval England it was such a popular gambling game that the board had to be kept in a room at the back of the Inn so that only trustworthy customers could play. King Henry the VIII of England was a regular player, and history records that even he had to lay out significant sums of money to courtiers who had the skill (and no small amount of courage) to beat him.2. Backgammon.Backgammon has been played by Ancient Civilisations, including the Egyptians and can be dated back to 3000BC. Many civilisations had games that would combine the use of dice and markers to play territorial “war” games where opponents were able to develop strategies of defence and attack. However, by the 18th Century it became very popular among English clergy.3. Chess.Chess dates back to 2000BC in India and Persia and was known as chaturanga. The original Chess Pieces were of carved Horses, Chariots, Elephants and Infantry Soldiers. Chess as we now know it came in to being about 2000 years ago.Throughout history some form of board game has been played as a leisure pastime by most civilised societies. Some were even being played before the civilisation had developed their literacy skills. The same basic concepts exist today and many of the ancient board games have transformed into the ones that we play today.Wood as a material was abundant in most regions and was commonly used as a material of choice and has the benefit of great longevity and style.Many of these traditional wooden board games are seeing a revival in popularity today due to the keenness of parents to provide an alternative to electronic games.

Can Sex Board Games Spice Up Your Love Life?

Can sex board games or sex card games, really spice up your love life? Yes! Sexy games for adults can definitely create a bond, inject some passion and even ignite a hot fervor between its players.Just like games for children, games for adults pure purpose is entertainment. And just like when you were a kid, when you really get in to the game, they can definitely become addictive!Adult sex board games can even make a great supplement to your couple’s sex toys, or that special lingerie in your draw. Because not only are they fun, playing adult games helps you maintain your connection by spending that all important quality time together. And sex card games are just the same. Like sneaky little packs of indulgent fun hidden away in your bedroom, or maybe as part of your personal adult fun drawer, they make a great addition to your sex toys or any other adult games you may have.From striptease games, Kama Sutra sex position cards, or Naughty or Nice games that suggest romantic ideas or more audacious sexcapades, each sex card game is different.And contrary to some beliefs, not all sex card games are sweet and simple vanilla love cards. You might just be surprised by what you can learn about your partner and even yourself, from a spontaneous and cheeky session of card game sex. And depending on your outlook and just how friendly you are with your friends, you can even extend the fun and the numbers of players depending on how many are willing.Adult sex games are not only fun, they also make for a cost effective night in. Once you have purchased your sexy game, it can be played over and over again. A gift that keeps on giving if you will, and one that with practice you can definitely hone in on your playing skills creating more competition, more excitement and more sex.Overall, sex board games or any adult games in general, are an excellent introduction or stepping-stone for those who are interested in role play or other erotic games but are not yet confident to pursue them. The organized games and rules ensure that you always know what you’re doing and even if you have tried role play but failed dismally, at least sexy board games for adults can help you live vicariously through the life of your board game character!